Time-Out Stool: Review

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Administering time-outs to my sassy 2-year-old just got a whole lot easier thanks to an idea I found on Pinterest and a craftswoman, who helped me bring it to life.

Last March I came across a pin on Pinterest about a DIY time-out stool. I figured it must have been a sign from God Himself, given K’s recent induction into the “terrific-twos” club–evident by tantrums, random screaming and restlessness. So like any avid Pinterest user, I pinned it onto my DIY board which is full of cool projects that I’ve never had time to complete…or even attempt. However the next day, following one of K’s tantrums, I decided that this project required urgency, but needless to say I had no time to do it myself.

So I enlisted the help of members on a local BST group (click here to learn more about BST groups). I simply posted a screenshot of the pin onto the group page and asked if anyone could tackle the project for me. I had a ton of responses, but I went with a woman who said she specialized in wood work, and thank God I did. Here was the finished product:


I must say that it was $65 well spent (mind you they go for $100 on eBay). The price included the supplies and customization. The sand takes about 2 minutes and 30 seconds to sift into the bottom, which is adequate time for a time-out for a 2 or 3 year old. Once K gets older, I’ll probably have a bit more sand added.

It came out beautifully! It matches the décor in her room and it is extremely sturdy. Luckily these days we are using the stool a lot less often, but it always comes in handy when we need it.


Overall Rating: 5 stars


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