Buy Sell Trade Group Etiquette & Lingo

Congratulations! You’ve entered into the wonderful (and addicting), world of BST groups. Before you get too nervous, don’t worry–there’s no initiation or pledge to get in or stay in. There is, however, a specific lingo and etiquette associated with BST groups.


-Follow the rules. The “admin(s)”, are responsible for running and managing the group. If you don’t know who the admin(s) is, simply ask the group. Most groups have a list of rules created by the admin(s) that every member must follow. Rules vary from group to group, so be sure to locate the rules for your specific group, read them, and most importantly follow them!

-Be respectful and polite. No cursing, arguing, etc. If you have an issue with another member of the group, contact the admin.

-List accurately. Because buyers are essentially committing to purchasing an item before seeing it in person (although you are not obligated to complete the purchase), posting an accurate description and clear photos of the item(s) is essential. A good description will include the name, color, price and condition of the item.

-Don’t overprice items. People come to BST groups expecting the garage sale type of pricing. Because of this, it is important to price your items reasonably. Negotiating pricing is also allowed on most BST groups so it is important for both sellers and buyers to be fair and considerate during price negotiations.


Int/Interested: Signifies that the person is interested in the item.

Next: Signifies that the person is interested in the item, but they are not the first person to express interest. Therefore “next” is essentially getting in line incase the people ahead of you decide that they are no longer interested.

OBO: Or best offer; usually follows a price.

P/U: Pick-up. Ex: P/u near State Street.

PPU: Pending pick-up; The item is currently scheduled to be bought/picked-up by an interested party.

FCFS: First come, first serve; This means that the item will be sold/given to whoever can get to it first.

ISO: In search of; A person is in search of a specific item. Ex: ISO 2 black bar stools

Bump: This moves posts up to the top of the group so that they are more visible.

Make Offer: Seller has not set a price; wants interested parties to make an offer.

NWT: Item is new with original tags.

NWOT: Item is new but doesn’t have original tags.


Have any other rules of etiquette or lingo you’d like to share? Comment below or shoot me an e-mail. Get more info on BST groups by checking out my post on my BST group obsession.


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