3 Must-Have Qualities to Look for in A Babysitter

babysitWith all of the recent news stories and tragedies surrounding daycares, babysitters and caregivers, the vetting process for looking for someone to care for your little ones has become even more strenuous. Lucky for us, a large part of our family resides in the same town as we do, so it is extremely rare that I need to solicit the help of a babysitter.  Still in all, like most parents, just the thought of having to hire a babysitter gave me a nervous feeling. However, over the years I’ve learned which key qualities to look for in an awesome babysitter. Here’s what I came up with:


Lots of Patience. We’ve all heard the infamous phrase, “kids will be kids”. It seems a bit cliché-ish but there is a whole lot of truth packed into that saying. Any parent, moms in particular, know exactly what I mean. Kids are adventurous, curious and extremely active. Because of this, your ideal babysitter MUST have a crap load of patience. An abundance of patience can help to ensure that they are understanding, act calmly, and don’t respond in any way that may be harmful to your child(ren).


A Genuine Passion for Kids. Growing up, my dad used to tell me to make sure I chose a career that I was passionate about, because people that are passionate about what they do work ten times harder and more effectively. As an adult, this statement has altered my life in terms of choosing a career and choosing schools and babysitters for my little one. Hiring a sitter who is passionate about children and caring for them is vital. Babysitters who love children are more trusted, efficient, and generally speaking, do a great job of caring for your child(ren). Think about it–if you love your job and are passionate about your work, you are going to approach your duties with a positive mindset, thus putting more care and effort into each individual task.

Integrity. This is a very important trait for babysitters to have. Integrity is especially important when it comes to caring for smaller children who haven’t developed basic communication skills, specifically infants and toddlers or children with disabilities. Children who are able to talk are more likely to effectively communicate any issues they have while in the care of a sitter, to their parents. Children who are not able to talk, have to rely on their babysitter to relay any issues or concerns, which is why it is necessary to hire a sitter that is honest and trustworthy. Babysitters who have integrity aren’t afraid to admit any mistakes that they may have made, or address any concerns that they may have with caring for your children.


Other qualities such as relevant work experience, reliability and basic medical skills are just as important as the ones listed above. When looking for a babysitter, remember to take your time, do your research and utilize helpful resources such as Care.com.

Care.com is a great resources for moms like myself who want to ensure that their children receive the best possible care. They conduct an initial  screening of each candidate and provide you with information to do your own research on prospective babysitters. I have partnered with Care.com to provide my readers with a 20% discount which is good off of the premium membership. Click HERE to take advantage of this special offer!


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  1. I totally agree! And when it comes to babysitting, I think personal references from friends and family members I trust also goes a long way!

  2. very true. So many scary stories out there, patience with children is a major one.

  3. Tess says:

    As a mom-to-be (in 10 days!! Eek!) this was really helpful. I too have a lot of family near but you never know when you’ll need a sitter. I look forward to checking out care.com!

  4. Michael Fite says:

    The qualities you have listed here are all important in finding a babysitter. As a parent, I value a sitter with a lot of patience because my daughter can be a handful and needs someone who can deal with her energy level.

  5. These are such great things to keep in mind. We have yet to hire a real babysitter for our kids (besides family members), but when we do these qualities are so important. Thank you!

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